What is the legal entity of The Colors of Sweden?
All of the Colors of Sweden™ products and Trademarks are owned by Great Walls Supply, Inc. a North Carolina Corporation. Great Walls Supply is a 10 year old profitable company with annual sales over 1 million dollars. In addition to the Colors of Sweden products, Great Walls Supply also is the organization behind The Couture Collection!™ and is a major supplier of Paint, Faux and Plaster supplies to professional applicators in the Carolinas. 

What is unique about the Colors of Sweden?
One of the innovative approaches about this line of paint is the use of our natural Sea Sponge and the techniques we teach for creating the Swedish Gustavian look. The Sea Sponge has long been used in the decorative arts field for wall finishes. We have now brought this age old technique to the painted furniture world. The Sea Sponge is used to layer paint, and used to remove glazes. The effects result in a subtle, time-worn, aged effect so perfect for the Swedish Gustavian Style. Of course a brush or a roller may be used with all the products. 

Does Great Walls Supply make all of the products sold under the Colors of Sweden names?
No.  Great Walls Supply has an exclusive manufacturing product arrangement with 3 different major paint companies. All three of these companies are in the USA and have been in business for decades. It is a great partner relationship with these three companies and Great Walls Supply. 

How does Colors of Sweden Paint compare to chalk like paints?
Colors of Sweden Paint is NOT a chalk like paint, and it has no chalk. Colors of Sweden Paint is a Zero VOC, 100% acrylic based paint, without any of the highly carcinogenic PVA (polyvinyl alcohol). The paint is formulated to have great adhesion properties to all kinds of smooth surfaces. It does not need a primer! In most cases Colors of Sweden is a far easier product to work with than chalk-based products. The results are beautiful and more professional looking than with the chalk like or simple inexpensive latex paint finishes. It easily produces smooth contemporary and elegant finishes. Colors of Sweden will dry very hard and is extremely durable because it is an acrylic paint. It will not show the wear chalk type paints show so quickly.

How long is the dry time with The Colors of Sweden Paint?
The paint will be dry to the touch in about an hour. You can apply a second coat of paint or glaze, and/or apply a Topcoat in just 4 hours.

Do I have to sand my work prior to applying Colors of Sweden Paint?
No, Colors of Sweden was designed to have great adhesion properties to most all previous painted, varnished, or lacquered surfaces. There are some super slick surface areas (like laminates and melamine) that should have a light amount of sanding to rough up the surface area. The use of Krud Kutter de-glosser may be helpful in de-glossing these surfaces.

What is the coverage in one quart of Colors of Sweden Paint?
A quart will cover approximately 100 square feet.

What do I use for clean up and to clean brushes?
Just warm water and soap will clean up all of the Colors of Sweden products. We recommend you clean your brushes and tools right away.

Can you use Colors of Sweden in a sprayer?
Yes! Colors of Sweden Paint and Topcoat can easily be used in a sprayer. Some Colors of Sweden Paint may need a little water (up to 10%) added, but most colors can be sprayed as is.The Topcoat should be sprayed as is.

Will Colors of Sweden be OK on kitchen or bathroom cabinets?
Many professional painters use Colors of Sweden on kitchen and bath cabinets as it does not require sanding and primer. Some colors will require two coats. For cabinets it is recommended to add one to two coats of our Topcoat for the sheen, stain resistance, and durability desired.

How durable is the paint?
Colors of Sweden Paint by itself is far more durable than other chalk like paints, but in order to gain excellent stain resistance a Topcoat is recommended. One coat of the Colors of Sweden Topcoat will provide the durability of 3 coats of wax. Some applications may need two coats of the Topcoat for long lasting durability.

Do I need a topcoat?
It depends on the use the item painted will receive and what is the base. Colors of Sweden Paint is extremely durable by itself. On table tops, kitchen cabinets and laminates we recommend a Topcoat. You may use a coat of Glaze on the surface to create an antiquing look or to add the lime wash look. Adding Glaze will also provide some increased durability. For maximun durability you may add one or two coats of the Topcoat. This will provide excellent stain and wear resistance. If you love wax, you may also add wax directly on top of Colors of Sweden Paint.

Where are Colors of Sweden products made?
All of the Colors of Sweden products (Paint, Glaze, and Topcoat) are made in the USA.

What experience level is required to use the Colors of Sweden products?
The first time DIYer will be able to use all of the Colors of Sweden products and achieve beautiful results. In addition, there are a number of classes offered by The Colors of Sweden Retailers to educate the DIYer with advanced painting tips and techniques to achieve higher level finishes. 

How do I use Colors of Sweden on raw wood or unfinished furniture?
We recommend you apply one or two coats (depends on the type of wood) of Mylands Sanding Sealer to all of the surface areas. Wait about 30 minutes between these coats. You can then apply Colors of Sweden paint after waiting about two hours. With some types of raw wood you can just paint two coats of Colors of Sweden paint. The Mylands Sanding Sealer will stop the Tannis in the wood from leaking through, which can happen with Cherry, Mahogany and Oak woods. 

Can I paint IKEA furniture with the Colors of Sweden Paint?
Yes, be sure to rough up the unique IKEA surface area with 220 grit sandpaper and then follow the normal cleaning process recommended for painting with Colors of Sweden. We do recommend two coats of paint and waiting 4 hours between coats. After you paint you may apply the Colors of Sweden Glaze and or a Colors of Sweden Topcoat for durability.

Can I paint a Childs Crib with the Colors of Sweden?
Due to so many Federal Regulations on materials for Baby Cribs and testing standards, we do not recommend any of the Colors of Sweden products to paint Baby Cribs.

What is The Colors of Sweden Glaze?
There are 2 colors of Glaze, Sheer Smoke Glaze and Lime Wash Glaze. The Glaze has been formulated to be very easy to work with and also to be used for protection on painted furniture and cabinets. It is a water based product that compliments Colors of Sweden paint, and many chalk based paints, as well as Milk Paint. The product has superb workability with a long open time for the DIY marketplace. When dry, the product will have an Eggshell like sheen and in many cases will not require a Topcoat.

How does the Colors of Sweden Topcoat compare to other Varnishes, Top coats, and Polyurethanes?
Our Topcoat is a water based, acrylic, non-yellowing, Topcoat. We designed this Topcoat to give your work an aged look; it will slightly dull the color of the paint or glaze. This product provides the extra durability for the high traffic surfaces like kitchen and bath cabinets, table surfaces, doors, and seating. It is very easy for anyone to apply; it can be brushed, rolled or sprayed. It has all of the beauty and durability of varnish or polyurethanes at a very low cost. It has little to no odor, and is very low in VOC content. It does not produce gas bubbles as it dries, and it does not yellow with age, like so many other top coats and poly's. It has a slightly cloudy appearance so it will enhance the Swedish look.

Is there a Safty Data Sheet available on all of the Colors of Sweden Products?
Yes, there is one for each of our product lines. 

What is the VOC content for Colors of Sweden?
All of the Colors of Sweden paints are Zero VOC including the pigment used to tint the paint. Zero VOC means that the maximum VOC content is less than 5 g/liter. The Colors of Sweden Lime Wash Glaze is less than 162 g/liter; the Sheer Smoke Glaze is less than 214 g/liter. The Flat Topcoat is less than 97 g/liter.

Can the Colors of Sweden products be shipped into California?
Yes, all of the Colors of Sweden products comply with Prop 65 requirements and are labeled correctly.

Can any of the Colors of Sweden be used on exterior work?
No. There is no UV protection added to the Colors of Sweden products, which is a requirement for exterior paint so it will hold its color and not fade.

Is there any odor to the Topcoat?
While so many Topcoats have a very unpleasant odor, Colors of Sweden Topcoat has little to no smell.

What is the shelf life of Colors of Sweden Paint?
When properly stored, unopened cans of Colors of Sweden paint have a shelf life of at least 2 years. Cans that have been opened and where exposed to microbial contamination from stir sticks or paintbrushes will have a much shorter shelf life. Therefore, we recommend pouring the required amount of paint into a separate container and immediately resealing the can and then store the can in a cool dry place.